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Usability of the Type Filter for the bill.


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So i was trying to look up my last level up bonus since the dates have been removed from almost anywhere on tyhe bouses, and i click on it and am brought into the old bill view.  What i want to know, or rather to have fixed to make sense as any other data filtering app would have . is What does the types in the filter drop down even portain to since they match 0 of the times in the actual Type Column.  They should consist of a list of types that can be filtered on which would be the same types in the type column on any site that made any sense. Since this filter is clearly reffering to a different type of Type, that should probably be renamed to like category or something that makes more sense than overloading the name already used for something else.  Please Can whoever the usability person is that works on this website figure this out.  I know you guys aren't big on helping users view their data easily or in a useful way normally.  Which is why the live view which was broken during an update at least 6 months ago is still broken and is consistently 1 bit behind unless it is allowed to sit for 30 seconds or so then it will catch up.  But never real time like it used to be.  



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