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My partners apology to Vip Manager Ryker


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Hi darlings. My partner has requested for myself to help him apologize for his disrespect behavior and immaturity toward his vip manager Ryker this is his apology below

Hello Ryker you probably don't want to hear from me but I just wanted to apologize for my disrespectful self and explain what I was going through at the time that I wrote some disrespectful things to you when you only would help me maybe not everytime I asked but every time you possibly could help you would I really thank you and I'm sorry for being really disrespectful I can not really remember what I had said much but I can imagine it was not called for what so ever I can imagine it was over not being able to get a bonus because I you had gave me all bonus and gifts I qualified for I was suffering deep depression from the loss of my best friend that is no longer with us and had let my alcoholism and my life was falling to pieces I lost my family my house and friends and I really lost myself I have fully recovered now due to intense achole groups rehabilitation and behavior therapy and I'm happy as I could ever be im on a round apologizing for my mistakes to people that was good to me I really hope you can consider my apologies and maybe one day you might let me return to keep playing.

I'm very sorry my apologies 


thanks he has wanted me to post his written apology for quite some time ☺️


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