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AWARE! Reduced bonuses


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I play for little more than a year and im svip7. 

Before I post my topic, I reached 2 hosts and I was very disappointed. 

I have noticed a serious issue gor my understanding. 

I hope here to find some relatives and right information and explanation.  Till then I temporarily freeze my gaming on bc.game. I see no point to continue playing here.



Today is Wednesday.  

My weekly and monthly bonuses are reduced by near 50%. 

Weekly for example yesterday was 76000, today is 41000. 

Monthly from near 200000 was reduced to 108000. 


It is not 15th of the month,  it is not Friday nowhere in the planet Earth. 

Why they reduce my bonuses wagered amount?

That happened for sure once more, and even more time but not noticed.  Then I have no proof. The host say that I probably have some mistake - not - not seen well or not remember the correct amount. Then I was ... OK.. I probably have see something different , but I was aware and started ti make regularly Screenshots.  And.... the true didn't come too late. .

The first host lied to me - I have Screenshots no matter that conversation was erased till some point.  He now say that the dashboard is in a trial version and he didn't see some problem when I'm overall on profit.  .... Idk what is the connection but... ye.. I ask for other normal host but...

The second host .... I have no words about it. But I have also Screenshots  for those who aren'tinterested. She says that utc time zone is the main problem. Because Friday they reset weekly wagered amount. 

And that's seems cool... but it's not Friday,  it's Wednesday.  In the middle of the week.

Where it is goes that wager amout? Why they do that? 

Have anyone noticed same issue?

If not... you better start be more aware.  

How I say. I'll not playing until I figure out what is happened?

I have more Screenshots and information.

Be welcome to explain me your opinion and experience.

Thanks for the time.

Be aware and healthy!



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Be aware
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