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Hello BC.Game community,


I hope you're all enjoying your gaming experience on BC.Game as much as I am. I wanted to share a suggestion with the community and the BC.Game team that I believe could enhance our platform even further.


The Suggestion: Bring back Private Messaging with a $50,000 Wagering Requirement


Private messaging used to be a feature on BC.Game, and it was a great way for players to communicate with each other. However, it was removed, and I understand the reasons for that. Still, I think there's a way to reintroduce this feature in a controlled and responsible manner.


Why Reintroduce Private Messaging?


Private messaging can be incredibly useful for various reasons:


Social Interaction: It allows players to connect, make friends, and interact with each other on a personal level.


Discuss Strategies: Players can share their gaming strategies, tips, and experiences in a private setting.


Resolve Issues: It can be an effective way to address concerns or issues without the need for public discussions.


The $50,000 Wagering Requirement:


To ensure that private messaging is used responsibly and to deter spam or misuse, I suggest implementing a significant wagering requirement. For example, setting a $50,000 wagering requirement could achieve the following benefits:


Responsible Use: Players who have reached this wagering threshold are likely to be more committed and responsible users of the platform.


Spam Prevention: It discourages spammers or fake accounts from flooding private messages.


Maintain Balance: It strikes a balance between providing private communication and maintaining platform integrity.


I believe that implementing such a wagering requirement would protect the community while bringing back the valuable feature of private messaging.




I encourage the BC.Game team to consider this suggestion and gather feedback from the community. Reintroducing private messaging with a $50,000 wagering requirement could enhance the gaming experience for all users.


Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, or additional suggestions regarding this proposal. Let's discuss this idea as a community and work towards making BC.Game an even more engaging and enjoyable platform for everyone.


Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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