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Bc.game took my winnings and doesn’t let me withdraw my FIAT


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Hello guys, I have finished my full KYC on bcgame 3 days ago so I decided to play a little bit , deposited 300€ lost it quick then deposited another 150€ won 1800€ and bcgame disabled all fiat withdrawals and doesn’t let me transfer it to crypto because of new rules, you have to be level 56 to transfer FIAT into crypto. Which is ridiculous. Support is of no help as they keep going in circles and fake transferring me to a representative. Please anyone avoid this website, they have no problem taking all you money but once you win, they disable all your means to withdraw.



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Sad story like me. 

I deposited my whole funds, 80K but I have been unable to withdraw my funds for 30 days since June 3th

I passed even an Advanced KYC and wagered more than deposit. 

Though contacted to online support team and support team roughly every day, template-like feedbacks are returned towards me. 

I can't get any updates and any reasons why it's under review. In particularly no ETA so I am worried if my whole life savings are lost here. 

Please help me to get back my funds if anyone had ever experienced this issue. 

Dangerous platform. 


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